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​Beer Goggles

This song is by Smash Mouth and appears on the album Fush Yu Mang (1997) and on the compilation album All Star Smash Hits (2005).

I don't love you but I want to
Just give me something I can't hold on to
Come on baby and speed your lust to me
Heres my number on a cocktail napkin
Think about it like a loaded weapon
Cock the hammer and point that thing at me

Chorus: Why don't you call
Why don't you call
Why don't you call
Kill me for the thrill of it all

I want someone anyone
Tall ones short ones skinny ones
I want someone anyone

You spend your nights at home crying
I spend mine death defying
I call it testing morality
So pull the goggles down over your eyes
And say goodnight to the rest of the barflies
I'm forever yours temporarily

I want some one anyone
Drunk ones spun ones anyone
I want someone anyone
Fat ones whacked ones gimme some
I want someone anyone
Spend some rent one lend me one
Fun ones dumb ones gypsy chicks on rocks
Done ones even chicks with chicken pox