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Blood & Sand

This song is by Smartbomb and appears on the album Diamond Heist (2008).

You can't stop the madness
You can't break the sadness
Just another faking
Guilt-stricken American
If you're uneducated
If you have been migrated
You see too much
And you're mind is spoiled
Blood and sand go
Hand in hand go
On and on and on and on
And if you feel
You've lose your wits
In the chaos of this song
Consider this the majority is wrong
The majority
Is greater than the one
Pinnacle position
Held by cretin sons
Who train our kids
At young ages
To shoot to fucking kill
Taught to ignore signs
Of your fleeting free will
Until the day you die
It goes on and on
Like a heart attack
You work so hard
You break your back
You're working for something
That you don't believe in

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