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Rx Drive

This song is by Small Towns Burn a Little Slower and appears on the album So Begins The Test Of A Man (2008).

I've always had the dream. Now I prescribe the drive.
20 milligrams of zeal to keep me feeling in my stride.
As I strive to mine the gold I've been told
Resides in the unconscious human mind.

Am I clever enough to sever the ties
That bind me to the things that blind me?

Can I maintain, the strength, perseverance and patience
It takes to leave my doubts behind me?

We are all suppressed yet sustained by the same things.
Energy and our disbelief.
Without oppression there would be no sweet relief.

I've been shown that the path is only as clean as my nose
And the answers just as close.
So I sort my morals from manipulation.
Integrity over self-degradation.

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