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Meth Is The New America

This song is by Small Towns Burn a Little Slower and appears on the album So Begins The Test Of A Man (2008).

There's a battle raging on the other side of this dry wall
That sheet rock screws fasten to two-by-fours.
They would if they could speak out against injustice and selfish sided arguments.
Sheila shouts as she's leaving.
"There's no way I'm coming back, until you get your shit together".
His head still a haze from today's dose or basement drug,
Shane sits with his face in his hands.
Tries to think of a way he can bring back
Those better days without giving in to her demands.
Danielle is coming down the stairs. She sobs "When is mamma coming home?"
"Don't you worry and get back to bed. Everything is gonna be fine"
But the morning light will make it clear, that it's all down hill from here.
They won't get their shit together.
And ten years later finds Sheila on husband number three and Shane just got out of Country

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