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This Time

This song is by Small Town Hope.

I don't know how to save you this time I don't know where to go from this rhyme but if you gave it a chance I might be able to prove something... you say that life is to slow, but say you got no where to go... so your working hard to save some money and leave

But if I know you you'll be back, so tide down it's like a heart attack

Harder then it ever was before THIS TIME, pressure knocking on all of your doors, hiding away wont always help you your wishing you were someone else this time

Take the pictures off your wall, a million thumbtacks so they'd never fall, but it's nostalgia your gonna put it in a box and save them [for a rainy day]

And you won't take NO for an answer this time, harder and harder you put it on yourself and you never lied, when you say you hate this place

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