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Falling Down

This song is by Small Town Hope.

HE SAID look at what this town did to me it crushed my soul and dulled my dreams... but to this girl
IF you still want to take that chance [on me] I might make you fall in love with all the sweet things I had to say in my head, and I get so fraustrated with everything taking it all out on mailboxes and whatever else gets in my way

And I guess what they say is true..[what they say is true]
And this ones not about a girl it's about people like me and you

Oh look what happened I'm stumbling again and it's nights like these were drinking to forget

They say small town hopes are for dreamers then mark me down as one of those dreamers 'cause I'm not letting it get to me and I'm convinced I'm gonna put this little town on the map

Were falling down
And everything I seem to write is depresing wether it's about love, or something else going on in my life

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