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Time Expired

This song is by Small Town Hero and appears on the album And So It Goes... (1999).

Do you care if I sit here?
I haven't seen you in years.
I think I'll talk myself in circles
And pretend that someone cares
Let me tell you...
She stood out there, right on my doorstep.
She painted colors in the trees and all of me.
Locked inside a small room, inside a small town
Nightmare from yesterday's dream.
I think I've come too far down
To go any further,
Pick me up, would someone please help me?
How do you say, that you saw an angel?
And how do you, make it even matter at all?
Serenity comes swiftly
I can see it in the sky.
By these hands I build,
And destroy by my own design.
She comes to me so softly,
I can see it in her eyes.
She picks me up silently,
And skyward bound we fly.
And I won't watch you walk away
Please don't ever leave me

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