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Song Number Seven

This song is by Small Town Hero and appears on the album And So It Goes... (1999).

Tell me you still believe
In the cold wind
That blows down from above.
I can still remember when this war
Was worth fighting for.
Say one last prayer for me
On this fine day,
And drag it through the mud.
Leave it somewhere warm where I can find it.
Because, I'm done.
Just give me one thing real!
Show me honestly, straight up loyalty.
Just give me one thing.
Where were you on that night,
Where the shit-storm came to town?
Fumbling backwards and scream without a sound.
(Take us! make us bastards!)
So for one last time, here is our heart.
Now where is your hammer son?
Here is my heart, for you to smash upon.
Just give me something real!

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