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Now You've Gone And Said It

This song is by Small Town Hero.

Well my dear I'm feeling old and it's all because of you
And somehow you said it fucking matters enough
To put me in the top ten of your laundry
List of complaints on how all I am is wrong
I never claimed to be anything
I've never asked to be anything
I haven't already given
Should I stumble and fall
Please stand there and laugh
Just so I know not everything has changed
I never had a diary
So I wouldn't know what it's like to all right
I've never had a memory
That didn't somehow want to change
...And so it goes
It goes as I feel that this has taken everything
To start again on the same road that I have
Travelled for so long
Here's to the days when
We were dancing on grave sites
Here's to the days when
It was just us that mattered
Here's to the days and this is for you

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