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Too Much To Lose

This song is by Small Sins and appears on the album Small Sins (2006).

She - she said she could play accordion,
And the squeezing motions are what made her strong.
Not afraid of dark,
And not afraid of what waits further along,
Because she's so strong.
But she - she forgot to mention,
All that had happened,
And all that went wrong.
She wasn't so tough long ago when everything that's horrible came along.
Because she's so strong,
She's so strong.
But there're hooded villains and predators,
Waiting on dark corners,
Hoping you'll pass.
They're not afraid of you,
But it's ok not to feel the same way as -
As them.
But you - you've got too much to give,
You've got too much at stake,
You've got too much to lose.
You see the way they look at you,
You know what they would try to make you do.
There's too much to lose,
There's too much to lose

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