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Love The One You Want

This song is by Small Sins and appears on the EP The Mellow EP (2007).

Love the one you want,
Tell them what they need to know,
Share a little dirt and jokes,
And push a line or two until they're broke.
Make a little list,
Keep your small talk short - get the gist,
Of where to take the boys from here,
Teachers can become your peers.
Colour their bland and hold their hands,
Make them think you've got what they want,
Your outfit was planned a day in advance,
But seemingly you seem so nonchalant,
Yeah you do.
And clothes will make the man,
Anecdotes and tales of the stands,
You took against whatever it was,
And aren't you just so great, just because.
Could this be the end,
You've lied to a friend,
All you had was morals - now they bend,
When you can't get to sleep 'cause you're gritting your teeth,
'Cause all you've got was stolen from them,
Yeah it was.
So love the one you want,
Love the one you want,
Love the one you want,
You'll love the one you want something from

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