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Your Sister's A Werewolf

This song is by Small Arms Dealer.

Forget what I know
Remember years ago
A savior by stereo
The one that saved my life
Blind to what I've got
Use the eyes that time forgot
Find that special spot
And make them fear me once again
Just like a dracula I take one bite
And I am never satisfied
Just like caligula
I am drunk on blood
Look into my eyes
Man-made monster by design
A jagged broken smile
That sinks into my heart
The pump between my lungs
The one that gets shit done
I'd rather drown in blood, than have it torn out once again
Just like a frankenstein
What once was dead returns to life
Just like a homicide
I should be a crime
I'll live on and on and on
And sing my twisted victory song
You'll hold your ears when I appear
And it won't be very long
Until you're made to fear me once again
Just like a holy war
I've been shedding blood in the name of love
It hurts like a motherfuck
To see the light through madmen's eyes
With metal clamps to keep them wide
Just like a massacre
No one survives

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