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Perpendicular Cross-Talk

This song is by Small Arms Dealer and appears on the album A Single Unifying Theory (2006).

You don't understand what I'm saying to you
But you pretend that you do
I don't find that reasonable in a modern society
We've got a lack of communication
We've got a lack of responsibility
Life's not fair and it's a bumpy ride
If you don't hold on you'll find yourself left behind
I don't know what you're saying to me
I can't understand a fucking thing you said
It's all greek to me
"Yamo tis" means "fuck this"
Life's not fair and it's a bumpy ride
So keep your chin up motherfucker
Have some pride
If you open your eyes real wide
You'll see your life going by
If you're not getting any wiser then you'll be this dumb till you die

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