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Woman For The Job

This song is by Sly & Robbie and appears on the album Silent Assassin (1989).

(Feat. Queen Latifah)

KRS, Latifah, don't forget
Mash up any male or female artist on the set
Mi comin' with mi style, mi take your title and your rep
The BDP Posse and Flavor Unit in effect

It's Queen Latifah with the R.E. Posse, Flavor Unit sound
Broken down by the Boogie Down (Productions)
Slip and slide to a Sly and Robbie instrumental
And also as an indicental
The music to which vocals you know I have done
Produced by (KRS-One)
One tribe, one guide, and one destiny
You want the best of me?
Death to those who testin me
Cause to test is to try to conquer
But me, I catch 'em (1-2-3) and do an encore
Get paid by music, no money to the mob
'Cause I'm the woman for the job

Flavor Unit - assemble!
BDP Crew - assemble!
Sly and Robbie - wheel up!

Once again, it's time for Queen Latifah to return
Because to live is to learn
I learn a lotta suckers out there thought we slept
Now they give us (nuff respect!)
I'ma get loose inside this queendom
Suckers tried to duck, it didn't work, 'cause I seen them
I'm not out to shoot anybody out the box, but it's my scene
(I know just what you mean)
Woman called Latifah is a wise one
There are no others like me, I'm a prized one
Although they try to measure up, I outsize them slobs
'Cause I'm the woman for the job

Intelligence captivates your mind
While the sound of my voice detains and occupies your ears
The thought and the message speak clearly through the vocals
Your heart is breathtaken, and it's bringin' you to tears
The t-i-p (tip) That is what you are on the m-u-s-i-c
(Music) That is what you want to own, but you could never be
The one to take my off the throne
Your mind's like a child's, my dear, and I am grown
So just forget it, cause while you wanna do it, I did it
Also admit it, if you can hit it, you're with it
Show me your chest, you musta flown over a coockoo's nest
No buts about it, my life you wanna out it? I doubt it
Suckers don't play me, cause suckers I do vamp
Last time you challenged me, you cancelled due to cramps
Allegedly, really you weren't readily
Able to rock a rhyme so smooth, so steadily
But next time you better be
Cause these appointments ain't for nothin'
They're only for coolin, crushin, and solo-bumrushin
KRS-One's creatin' music like an Einstein
Rollin' up the rhythm to keep the pace of my rhyme
Me chosen by super musicians, Sly and Rob
'Cause I'm the woman for the job

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