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This song is by Sly's Alter Ego.

You like the Alter Ego
You like the way that we flow
You follow us where we go
'Cause we put on a good show
Every time you hear ya know
We're rhymin' fast and not slow
Not slow but fast Jesus
Saved me from my past
Used to live my life for sin
Now I live my life for him
Live for him and not me
It's his blood that sets me free
Set me free didn't tie me down
I'm glad you turned my life around
Sometimes I feel undeserving
Always selfish so self serving

Then I think of how you died
The thought erases all my pride
Oh my God I'm on my face
I can't believe you gave me grace
But you did that's why I flow
Letting all the people know
You are God you are Lord
Thank you for your word my sword

Feelin' kinda hazy feelin' kinda dazy
Sittin' on your couch
I think you're kinda lazy
Don't have time for quiet time today
If you put the remote down I think that you may
Have some time to spend with your father
Isn't it weird how the truth hits harder
But instead you are watching Blossom
And her older brother Joe
Then you think about what Christ did
All you have to say is Whoa

Everybody say whoa with me
If you know the king say whoa with me
Everybody it's a big party when you say
Whoa with me say whoa with me
Everybody feel the flow with me say whoa
With me here we go ya see
Everybody say whoa with me
On the count of three say 1-2-3 GO!

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