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Rice Crispies

This song is by Sly's Alter Ego.

Hey mom give me something to eat
How 'bout a Rice Krispie treat
I need something fresh
I need something cool
Take it in a brown bag to school
Go go mom keep on the bakin'
The more you're bakin'
The more friends I'm makin'
Better be good can't be bad
If you need some help better go get dad

We all like Rice Krispies they're good to eat

Hey kids isn't this neat
My mom made Rice Krispie treats
For all of us to snack and eat
Man I think that homegirl's neat
Call her the coolest call her the realest
Can y'all little children feel this
Got no money got no car
But you've got Rice Krispies that'll take you far

Had a lot of fun there's much I'd like to say
But before we eat we better pray...

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