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North Atlantic Sea

This song is by Sly's Alter Ego.

Once upon a time in the North Atlantic Sea
Sailed a band of stinky pirates looking for booty
They searched every coast
They sailed the world around
But no matter where they went
No booty could be found
No matter where they went
You'd always see them try
Looking for booty and hear the captain cry

Where's the booty (no one knows)
Where's the booty (up up)
Where's the booty (there it goes)
There's the booty pick it up!

So they found a hairy man
Who had an info stand
They asked him where the booty could be
He said I've got booty but it's in my heart
And it's the kind you can see
You see my booty has a name
And his name is Jesus Christ
And he lives in me eternally
So if it's treasure that you want
Then it's treasure that you found
And it's better than any booty

I've found booty yes I did
We found booty (yipee)
I've found booty yes I did
And he lives inside of me

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