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R.I.P. To All My Soldiers

This song is by Slush and appears on the album The Villain: Based On A ThugS Life (2000).

(Slush the Villain)
Rest In Peace Sleepy
I dedicate this to my cousin
Damn I miss you hittin the bong
Next to me gettin' budded
I'm in my room sheddin tears feelin' malo
Lord, my cousins dead
Tell me is there such thing as milagro
'Cause if there is, will you make me this miracle
I put that on my momma and poppa
That I'm to spiritual
I can't take it, I'm slowly brakin into pieces
Sheddin tears, smokin' weed to aid my grieffin
And I'm thinkin' bout my nephews and nieces
And how they'll never meet me
How never in mi life will they get to look inside his eyes
And say hi and finally greet me
And all they'll ever know
About his un-forgotten soul
Is what they've been told
And what we speak of him
They might of took you mortally
But you're for eternity
Cause your memory will never die homes

Rest In Peace goes out to all my Thugged Ones
Who have lost them a loved one
Rest In Peace to my cousin
I reminise and get high together
I wish we would of died together

(Slush the Villain)
'Cause when I light up a tok
I smoke for you
Pour out a little bit of liquor
Hit a bowl for you
Cause damn I had plans to roll wit you
Missin' all them hoes I used to bone wit you
And I'm missin' all the streets that I rode wit you
Smokin' hella fuckin' weed hittin bowls wit you
Drinkin' 40's too like the way we supposed to do
I'm thinkin' I should of kicked it more wit you
I feel a part of me's gone and I was whole wit you
Me and you, but know you go so soon
Watchin me when I should be watchin over you
I wish to God I would've gone wit you
Rest In Peace primo

(Slush "The Villains")
Primo Sleepy I know you're watchin over me
Keepin' me safe
While all these snakes plottin over me
'Cause they still
Tryin' to pull these covers on top up over me
And I won't stop till the casket drops
And it's over G
'Cause I know that too many foes have shot at me
I'll be there real soon homes so safe a spot for me
And when they go an tell momma
These fuckas finally got at me
To her my memories are forever
They can't take that part for me
'Cause I'm sick and tired
Of livin' in this world of sin
I'm sick and tired
Of drives by's taken lives before they begin
And I still remember the last time I seen you
You was in your casket
And I was on my knees as I prayed for you
But before you go, slip you a pack a zags
A sack of indo so you can take wit you
'Cause it's so hard to finally brake wit you
Pray that I can stay wit you
And when I die hope I can awake wit you

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