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I'm Sick And Tired

This song is by Slush.

(Slush the Villain)
Damn I'm fuckin' sick of this shit
All up in the studio homes
I'm asking you
Why do I got to keep blastin on these mothafuckas
I'm fuckin' sick and tired of you punk made bitches
Fuck 'em all... buck 'em all
'Cause I'm letting you know
That lyricly I'm a blow mothafucka

I'm sick and tired of this shit
I'm always how more can it be
Get in side of your bed before
It's more you'll see
Quit toyin with me
I'm sick and tired of this shit
I feel a yearnin and a burning
I'ma ride on your bitch
And fire on you bitch
'Cause I'm lettin you know
Fuckin' with me homie
Your head is gon blow
So fuck 'em all
Can't you see I'm eternal when I rhyme
Even if I'm threw and die I'm a live mothafuckas
Intoxicated and high mnothafuckas
So when you see me I don't lie mothafuckas
I thought I told you I was a soldier can you see
Army fatigues and tattos on my shoulders
SD on my mothafuckin skin imprinted
Can't you see till the day I die I'm representin
This mothafuckin cliq that I hang with
HK be the mothafuckin cliq that I bang
And hang with the homie get high
Ready for the enemy to ride
I'm sick and tired
Tryin' to make a million and shit
Tryin' to lyricaly make a killin' and shit
Mister producer are you finished mixin it down
'Cause I'm ready to put this shit it in now
Drop a hit on 'em now
Lryicaly like rain I'm droppin' on
I'm callin on you
Clockin G's I'm ballin on you
I'm sick and tired
Of these bicthes
I'm sick and tired
Of not having these riches
I'm sick and tired
Of these bitches
I'm sick and tired
Of tryin' to hang homes
I'm sick and tired
Of bein all up in this game tryin' to slang homes
I'm sick and tired
Of Bein all in the street
I'm sick and tired
Of being at home with nothin' to eat
I'm sick and tired
Of this mothafuckin bull shit
I'm sick and tired
Of everybody so home boy I'm about to pull it
(Gun shots)

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