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For My Thugs

This song is by Slush and appears on the album The Villain: Based On A ThugS Life (2000).

(Feat. Knightowl, Mr. Shadow)

(Slush the Villain)
This is for my thugs esorping the pain with pride
Like nothing matters to you
I feel ya dog 'cause I'm all tatted up too
With every pierce of the needle through my flesh
I find away to release my angry and stess into pain
So throw you middle fingers up in the air
Peel your shirt off show some tattoos cause thugs don't care
And keep the realest mothafuckas on the side of you
The one's that down to ride wit you down to die wit you
Smokin' weed getting high with you
And if shit falls I'm making lies wit you
I can't forget about my thuged out bitches that be putting in work
Not giving a fuck at the clubs passing guns in their purse

This is for my thugs... and my hoes... and my bitches [bitches]
This is for my thugs who's bodies covered up with tattoos
And all my homies you got my back too

My body's full of ink
My skin be covered up with tattoos
That represent the life I lead as I watch you bleed
Look at your mothafuckin face
I see you getting frightin street clash of the fuckin' titans
Eyes getting watery, legs startin to get shaky
You found out the hard way that you couldn't take me
Now that ass is laying up inside a casket
3 from the Owl and 2 from Slush when you got blasted
Now your family be morning mothafuckas cryin
Cause mothfuckas dying I ain't lying
I heard your fuckin' blocks gets protection from the cops
Cause all you fuckin' lops knows who's daddy be on top
So if you pull a rat move and start to fuckin' yap
Inside of dirt with maggots you'll fuckin' take a nap
This is for my thugs my hoes and my bitches
And all you mothafuckas talkin' shit get put in ditches

(Mr. Shadow)
State of mind of a criminal
Subliminal tatted up individual
Amichi Park original
Flash gang signs at the opposite side
Till I Die we be some felons feel the heat when we ride
Chronic smoke don't choke hoe it's no joke
Fuck around I'll beat you down
And cause your bitch ass to stroke
Hope for the best but expect the worst first
Pow, I let 'em curse put your ass in a hearse
Fuck a doctor and nurse yeah I make it hurt
Skirt out fuck the scene laughin' trippin' on green
Resine on the screen you know what I mean
619 on the dot mothafucka you and me

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