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357 In My Holster

This song is by Slush and appears on the album The Villain: Based On A ThugS Life (2000).

(Feat. Knightowl)

(Slush "The Villain")
I'm getting high till the day that I die like I'm suppose ta
I use the lethal weapon 357 in my holster
Pull it ready to pull it then pull it
No hesitation kill or be killed
It's ain't going to be me your life I'll be takin'
Life or death situation now tell which do you choose
No matter which of the two get me through you lose
See I know you hate pain and I make pain
Comin' at you full steam ahead just like a fraight train
Endin life eyes flushed red in a state of mind
Fuck the senerio 'cause I'm fuckin' high
Can't you see I be screamin that I can't be defeated
Packin that heater intoxicated and weeded
Motivated in all of my speeches
I be preachin and all of my teachin
I'm creating masterpieces like Leonardo Devinchi
Lyricaly and get with me 'cause I'll stomp ya
Weed and hennesse helping me get this game
Sedated and controlled and cut

I'm getting high till the day that I die like I'm suppose ta
357 in my holster

They got me posted on a poster on a telephone pole
It says wanted step witch caution because I'm haunted
Every enemy that I've done has in the past
Never came through again they droppin' eggs like hen
We some soldiers see I told cha don't fuck with us
You'll never be able to mess around with none of us
Slush The Villain Knightowl and 357's don't mix fool
We explode and make hits mothafuckas
We be some bald headed felons
Crackin' fools up in the dome just like Al Capone
I'm braggin about it abut you can't do a thing about it
'Cause if you try to creep on me you're getting routed
Mothafucka all yap wanna nap and never wake up
Then land in side of a box with bullet holes and make up
I'ma continue getting high and drink till the day that I die
Till I see maggots crawling out my fuckin' eye

(Slush "The Villain")
I'm hearing choppers on top of us cause that's what I heard
Looking out the window smokin' indo it's the ghetto bird
Damn I hope they ain't comin' for me
Damn I hope they ain't comin' for my plantation of weed
Better get on if not off on top of sells
G sacks Key Sacks pistols and shells crystals scales
But fuck it 'cause I know the high life I live
Might be fun and games but it has consequences
But it seems to me that I always end up all right
The other day I was in a trcuk that flip over 7 times
I'm alive mothafuckas and I can't be killed
I'm alive mothafuckas and my blood won't spills
You see enternaly my life after I die
Immortalized by the devil and praised for my prime
I stacked my riches into lyrical promotions
High off that weed when I speak
That's why I scream with emotions

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