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Every Part Of Nothing

This song is by Slowreader and appears on the album Slowreader (2002).

Mad men
Glaring at blue skies
Tell me I'll be just like them
Hair gone gray
Waiting so patiently
For anything but possibility

I've got every part of nothing
And nothing safer than your arms
So I'll be sleeping on the stairs
Choking on all the fresh air
The faces broken by the brain that keeps on circling itself

I'll be coming 'round soon
To get soaked in your sunshine
And you gladly give me more if I could keep it
'Til I'm halfway home or halfway out the door

Pissing into a hurricane
Waiting for a pleasant smell
Scaling walls to look down on everyone
Who looks down on me
Like I still do

Rooftop hopping has its drawbacks
They all revolve around the ground
And planted feet can't keep a beat
Our outdrawn, pointless memories
They all create as fast
As anyone who's still left wondering

What of this is my life?
And how can you be certain?
And this time we'll be good enough to not give up
And dumb enough to never even care
Why rain falls on a cloudless night
Flags burn up without a fight
I guess we're almost there

One begs no care about the past
So grab one 'cause they'll be going fast
But how could this all be written down?
To push back and pin your failures frown

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