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Aging In Rhythm

This song is by Slowreader and appears on the album Slowreader (2002).

The truth is I'm having a little trouble
Deciding between the prize and money
And it's not like its any easier
With all these people hanging on my next word
In a look not made like this mood
I saw it clearly
But I didn't know it was you

Once famous for leaving,
My small brained body
Fell into the greatness of a bad joke
Still meaning, in ruthless relevance
What I had meant to suddenly start knowing
They themselves don't have an excuse
For what they're doing
Just to barely fill their own shoes
So if you notice
That I look like shit for a week
Don't even worry
This is just how I wear my clothes
When I'm not
Intrigued by first impressions
Or swayed by cold rejections
My brain makes castles from sand
But I just do all I can

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