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The Insomniac

This song is by Slowmotion Apocalypse and appears on the album My Own Private Armageddon (2006).

Wide eyed in the darkness
Fear creeping on my skin
An endless night in agony
To avoid the cure and dream

Visions of destruction
Sleepwalkers in the streets
Sedation is the answer
To the freedom of your will

Wide eyed in the darkness
The gates will open soon
Our soul will never reach the sky
Everyday is the day of doom

Closer than my visions
Reality is at hand
Brain melting paranoia
Is destroying our strength

A culture of fear
To make us fall asleep
We can't just stare at our destiny

No lies
No everlasting damnation
No one will set us free
No lies
No everlasting damnation
Don't wait to free yourself

We fell in love again
Obsessed by euthanasia
We can't survive the strain

Mirror against mirror
Our prospects are not clear
I can't call this murder life
I scream but you won't hear

Never ending darkness
Emotions overload
I can still feel my heartbeat
I can still feel my blood

I know I need to suffer
To feel that I'm alive
I'll never end this struggle
I'll never close my eyes

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