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Last Generation Humans

This song is by Slowmotion Apocalypse and appears on the album My Own Private Armageddon (2006).

Swallow your blood
Take one more blow
No more angels helping you
Just fuckin'lies

You forced yourself
To believe everything was right
Now shut your mouth
With a knife

Think about how many times
You lost the chance to shout
To be the one you dreamt of
It doesn't matter what

All that you lost
Every second of your life
Gone without a meaning
And now you drown in pain

A life is worth nothing if blinded by lies
No future No more dreams No hope left No cries

Last generation humans are living just to die

Swallow your blood
While your world is falling apart
No more angels helping you
Just fuckin'lies

Slow dying masters
A portrait of the end
Next step in evolution
Is total fuckin'death

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