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Fuel For My Hatred

This song is by Slowmotion Apocalypse and appears on the album Obsidian (2007).


It's my fucking war!

Come on!

Once again I feel the strength is growing inside me
No time to waste I know my enemy
I need to channel my hate and focus on my target
I seek the truth I have to try to find a path that leads me to the light

The fuel for my hatred

This is the way day by day I fight against my fears
I need to burn all my hate as a sacrifice to my faith
The crowd is bleeding anger
Tonight we're burning inside

It is a masochistic way to feel alive
Our hearts will bleed but the anger will survive
No way to avoid this just look into my eyes
If I can't be myself I'd rather die in the fight

The fuel for my hatred
Is human kind
My speech is my weapon
It's time to fight for our beliefs

The fuel for this hatred
Is born from the pain
I feel when I realize
Life's worth less than cash

My hell burns under the sunlight
And the pain feeds my will
Through the ashes of your fears follow your dream
It's time to fight for our beliefs

An overdose of pure anger
Is running in our veins
Our speech is the weapon
This is our battlefield

Legions of the extreme

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