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Bang (Riot Mix)

This song is by Slowearth.

(DISCLAIMER - this song is about the twisted mind of a homicidal postal worker...
...A totally fucked-up waste of a human being...
...The product of an unhealthy family, and a narcissistic, paranoid, selfish and uncaring society ...
...Sadly, people like this do exist...
...The original working title; "Postal Homicidal"...
...This song in NO WAY represents the personal opinions or feelings of anyone in the band... THANK YOU)

Oh no, I'm doomed, no room for me on this Earth.
Pill box, dirty socks, no one told me what my life was worth.
Porno mags, dirty rags, Mother told me that I was unclean.
Father loved to hip me, told me nothing's ever as good as it seems.
I'd never given thought to what I never lost.
I paid for what was black and white at any cost.
I cry inside, my hands are tied, my lips are sewn.
I'm gonna make it better 'cause I'm so alone.
Eyes wide, terrified, gonna have you begging for your life.
Bet you never knew someone you never knew was playing God tonight.
I feel the .45, it makes me feel alive.
Everyone is stupid and so full of lies.
Dirty little secrets running up your dirty thighs.
My action is subtraction making the equation right.
The game of life is complicated, I know that I'll never win.
Oh my God, forgive me Father give me Mother all my sins.
"Hey, Ho, We won't go!"
Well, you don't know what I don't know.
I'm taking someone out 'cause I'm not going out alone.
Bang, bang, bang
...Feels so good.

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