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Supernova '75

This song is by Slowdown Virginia and appears on the album Dead Space (1994).

Let's go outside
And burn our shirts
You burnt my hair
You're such a jerk

Whatcha want to do?
Whatcha want to see?
Whatcha want, do you want from me?

Let's go outside and kick some dirt
I'll kiss your grits
I'm such a jerk

Why you got to cruise?
Why you got to scream?
Why won't this red light turn green?

They'll start a conversation
Hot sassafras
It's white trash
Fits me like a party mask
(El Caminos rule)
But that's not my fault
Hair is like Nebraskan
So take it back

Valley is nice
Diary Queen on Friday nights

I met this girl
When I was twelve

I - I fell in love
We will be so cool

Running around with the high school boys
Bang your head
Come on, feel the noise
And the boys all joked around
Said she's locked at the knees
I asked if it's a fantasy
White trash
Man, I wish that I was black
(El Caminos rule)
But that's not my fault
Watch Staying Alive instead of
(El Caminos rule)
It's kind of sad
But I think
Supernova, heavy metal drag

It's automatic
It's systematic
It's hydromatic
It's kind of tragic

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