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Do You Feel Green?

This song is by Slowdown Virginia.

Do you feel green?
Well, I'm greener than you
I want to frolic with the crows
All night long
And listen to the sweet hum of the crickets
Just want to live on the plain

And if I go there
I'll be sure to bring you luck

Do you feel obscene?
Well, I'm obscener than you
I could fart and belch
Yell aloud, "Fuck off!"
And I'd apologize
But I can't find a reason why
When this world is obscene, too

But if I apologize
It will only be especially for you

Can't you see this is not what you want it to be?
And you're alone with no company
And I'd try to be with you
But I'm too green

Do you feel mean?
Well, I'm much meaner than you
I could leave you alone like a lost little dog
But it'd never do that
So don't do it to me
Because I just can't imagine you gone

But if I ever leave
I'll be sure to bring you, love

Do you feel dead?
Well, I imagine you do
I lay with your tombstone all night long
And listen to the sweet hum
Of your angel's song
I wanted to die by your side

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