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Dead Weight

This song is by Slowburn and appears on the EP Bitterness (2007).

This town has gone to hell
I might as well if I don't get out
Eyes open, facing down
Can't swim, can't seem to drown
Pushing forwards, but falling back
Killing dreams to pass the fucking time
Can't think don't need to feel anything, this isn't real
Memories of worn out kids
The flame is gone
Our lives are shit
Running harder with every breath
Falling faster this isn't death
And what is there when you turn around?
Can't win the race so we expect to drown
Sinking further we meet our fate
Our cause is lost and we are just dead weight

It's too fucking hot to breath
And this is my last chance to see
The walls are closing in
It seems all my life I've stalled
But now I'm ready to fall

I'm going to be living proof
That we don't need to bow out of this
I've got to take control of my life
Because this complacency is worse than my suicide

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