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This song is by Slowburn and appears on the EP Bitterness (2007).

Are we allowed to breath?
I am gasping for air but there's none in this city
We're just rotting
The air in our lungs is just choking
Your revolution is nothing but yelling
We're selling ourselves a conclusion
But it's empty
We're so empty
Are you listening?
It's the sound of our freedom
You're wasting a life I believed in
Now it's broken
We're fucking broken

And all I ever wanted was to live my life
Because I thought it was up to me
But now it seems that all I ever hoped for was a rope around my neck
The days get colder as I fade away
I don't want to deal with my bitterness

Must we struggle to exist?
Cause the worlds not a stage; we're just dying to live
And I'm trying to break but this rut that I'm in doesn't know give and take
And our apathy, just an excuse to be fed by the leaders of this city
I used to think we were safe but now I struggle in the confines of my lethargy

In the beginning I thought I had a grip on my life but I've lost my way, my love is trailing behind and my resentment follows suit

I have got nothing to prove

So now I wait till this dies and contemplate my demise drink myself to sleep and hope to god he doesn't see through my lies
I've got no compassion left

I am fucking meaningless

Nothing, I've got nothing to prove
Nothing, There's nothing left for me to use
Nothing, I've got to see this through
I have to face the noose

They fucking choked me

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