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Hamburger Cemetary

This song is by Slowblow and appears on the album Slowblow (2004).

I didn't know that afternoon the ground
Was waiting to become another grave in just a few short days
Too bad I couldn't grab the bullet out of the air
And put it back into the rifle barrel
And it would spiral itself back down the barrel
And into the chamber and refasten itself into the shell
And it'd be as if it had never been fired
Or even loaded into the gun
I wish the bullet was back in it's box
With the other forty-nine brother and sister bullets
And the box was safely on the shelf in the gun shop
And I had just walked by the shop
On that rainy February afternoon and had never gone inside
I wish I had been hungry for a hamburger instead of bullets
There was a restaurant right next to the gun shop
They had very good hamburgers, but I wasn't hungry
For the rest of my life I will think about that hamburger
I was sitting there at the counter holding it
With tears draining down my cheeks
The waitress will be looking away
Because she doesn't like to see kids crying
While they're eating hamburgers
And also, she doesn't want to embarrass me
I am the only customer in the restaurant

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