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Smile Again

This song is by Slow Pain.

(Chorus: Cousin Mario)
I would rather hear you say
That you don't love me
Than to waste your time
We have something
Girl, I want to
See you smile
Baby, let's just, be friends

(Verse 1: Slow Pain)
Love at first sight
Our love, it felt right
I remember the first kiss, like it was last night (Last night...)
Huggin' and kissin', man, I'm falling in love
You my little sexy mama, me and you with no drama (No drama...)
Goin' places, havin' fun on the weekends
Nobody loves each other
Like we do, I promise
Keeping you warm, man, I'm holdin' your hand
Now you are my lady
And I am your man
Me and you against the world and everything lovely
I see the sparkle in your eye when you tell me you love me (I love you so)
Plans to be together for the rest of our lives
Making bets on the colors of our little one's eyes (Brown eyes)
We made a promise and it's understood
Spendin' time with your family and it feels so good
All our dreams comin' true
Lovers and friends
I can't wait for tomorrow to see the smile again (Again...)

Smile for your daddy, taking pictures all the time
Opening your door, girl, the pleasure's all mine
On a scale of one to ten
Little mama, you a dime
Love between a boy and girl, can't get you off my mind (My mind)
You heaven sent from the Lord with a smile in your face
I love you, girl
No one can take your place
Our love was strong, then somethin' went wrong
As time passed by
The love was all gone (Gone...)
It's all bad, I could feel it in the air
No more kisses goodbye
But it seems we don't care
I don't wanna fight no more
I don't wanna see you cry no more
I don't wanna go through life, livin' this lie no more
I'm callin' it quits
You can have it all
Even all our pictures
Hangin' on the wall
Let's just kiss and say goodbye, baby, we could be friends
I want you to be happy and see you smile again

Cousin Mario:
That you don't love me (Just be friends)
We have something (See your true smile again)
See your true smile again
Baby, don't cry
Baby, don't cry
Baby, don't cry

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