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Og Love

This song is by Slow Pain.

(Slow Pain: in phone)
Yeah, what's up
This the O.G.
And I wanna dedicate Slow Love
To my one and only baby girl
The best thing that ever happened to me
I love you, girl

((Fingazz in background))
Slow love
Makin' slow love
Slow Pain:
Have you ever been so in love
That you dedicated a song on the radio (Makin' slow love)
That you know (Slow love)
So in love
That you got your lover's name tatooed on you (Makin' slow love)
Feel me (Slow)
Well, here's my love song
[Fingazz:] Let's, make, slow, love

(Verse 1: Slow Pain (Fingazz in background))
Five foot nine, looking oh-so fine
In the blue polka that
Like the Cali sunshine
Girl, you blow my mind
Shine you up like my Chevrolet 1969
Sippin' wine on the beach
Flavor love the peach
You lookin' sharp like the khakis stay creased
You the finest little thing
I seen in my dreams
I'm on, then
Here goes the promise screens
V.I.P. to Catalina
Helicopter rides
Candlelight dinners
And strawberry pies
Taking one-hour photos
Huggin' and kissin'
The best time in my life, baby girl, you got me trippin' (Slow love) [phone rings]

Slow Pain in phone (Fingazz in background):
What's up, baby girl
It's me, I just wanna let you know (Makin' slow love)
Today was one of the best days on my life
Runnin' around town
Cruise in the city (Makin' slow love)
Sharing my dreams and planning a family (Slow love)
Anyways (Makin' slow love)
Gimme a call when you get this (Slow)
I'm at the house
All right, then (Let's, make, slow, love)

Baby girl, you so proud
Of being loved by you
I'm so proud
Of everything you do
If this world was mine
I place at your feet
All that you want, you been so good to me
Tell me
How can you mend
A broken heart
All alone, sittin' in the park, wishin' on a star
When a man loves a woman
It's a special thing
Like a two-minute kiss, sealed with a wedding ring
Best friends
That's you and I
I swear I'm gon' love you till the day that I die
Wipe a tear from your eye
I'll do anything
I'll be your puppet on a string, damn, I wish I could sing (Slow love) [phone rings]

Slow Pain in phone (Fingazz in background):
Hey, it's me again
Man, I can't sleep (Makin' slow love)
I'm right here, listenin' to some Marvin Gaye
And some Al Green
Thinking about all the good times we've had (Makin' slow love, slow love)
On how much I love you
And how much I miss you (Makin' slow love)
Hope you feelin' better today (Slow)
I'll see you Sunday (Let's, make, slow, love)
I'm at the house

Man, if I had to make a love song, it had to be O.G.
Like a oldie
My momma told me
Whisper in your ear
And tell you that I care
Makin' love all night, slowly pulling on your hair
Take the phone off the hook and turn the lights down low
Marvin Gaye got some Healing and the Sexual
Candlelight burnin', bumpin' on a slow jams
Like Roger said
"I Wanna Be Your Man"
I think the neighbor called the cops 'cause we making too much noise
The only thing we makin' is a handsome little boy
I love you baby
It's too deep
Makin' slow love all night, till we both fall asleep (Slow love) [phone rings]

Slow Pain in phone (Fingazz in background):
Hey, baby girl
I just wanna thank you for coming to see me today (Makin' slow love)
The smile on your face
Helps me get through the tough times (Makin' slow love, slow love)
I wish I could hold you
Touch you just one more time
That's why my prayers at night (Makin' slow love)
Are for us to be together again (Slow)
Like we used to be (Let's, make, slow, love)
Making slow love to the end

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