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Don't Cry

This song is by Slow Pain.

(Feat. Dsharp)

Slow Pain:
January 11 (January 11)
1973 (1973)
I'm writing this letter (I'm writing this letter)
To my family (To my family)
Doin' life (Doin' life)
Behind bars (Behind bars)

(Chorus: D-Sharp)
Baby girl
Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry
For me
I know I treat you wrong
I know I'm always gone
Baby girl
Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry
For me
Even though I treat you wrong
Your love always stay strong
Oh yeah

I'm a hustlin' pimp, I got that gangsta love
In and out of jail, my momma think I'm a thug (I'm a thug)
I'm in love with a freak like you
Girl, you
Got my back
No matter what I do (That's right)
Ten hour rides, to see me upstate
Collect calls all day
Straight from the bay
You a G, girl
That you ride or die
You a G, girl
Sweet as cherry pie
You my little baby momma, and I love you for that (I love ya)
Tell my girls that I love 'em, six months, I'll be back
It's the life that I chose
Runnin' the streets
Come on now, baby girl, don't cry for me

Dear mama, it's your son, and I love you so much
And I'm sorry for the pain, I put you through much
I write this letter from my one man cell (Damn)
Mad at the world 'cause I put you through hell
You did a good job playing two roles
A mother and a father
Runnin' a show
The hood life where the strong survive
And that
Goes to show, cause you still alive
Dear mama, light a candle
Every single night (Dear God)
Prayin' that a G like me see the light (See the light)
I'm sorry, mama
For being a thug
Thank you, mama, unconditional love

Laylani love
My three little angels heaven sent from above
Daddy's pride and joy, the reason that I grind
The reason why money's
Always on mind
But now, I'm doin' time
Twenty-five years
No more Disneyland, just memories and tears
Pictures of us happy
Playin' at the beach
First birthdays at the park and Chuck E. Cheese (Chuck E. Cheese)
I miss you girls, and I hope you understand
That I
Love you more
Than any man can
Keep your faith in the Lord
And our family (Family)
Baby girl, I'm doin' life, don't cry for me

Slow Pain:
I wish we could be together (I wish we could be together)
But don't cry for me (But don't cry for me)

(Hook: D-Sharp)
Even when I'm now around
Baby, you still hold me down
You've been mistreated, I can't repeat it
And it's killing me now

Slow Pain:
Sorry for being a thug (Sorry for being a thug)
It's my gangsta love (It's my gangsta love)

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