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Thumbs Down To Generation X

This song is by Slow Gherkin and appears on the album Double Happiness (1997).

It's the ultimate social question--
Strip away the superficial and reveal the truth.
That is why I don't believe that Newsweek has its finger
On the pulse of American youth.
Sony Walkmans, cool indifference and expensive thrift store clothing
Is the length of what they see.
And their market's indestructible
As long as they can keep our eyes are adhered to the TV
It won't be long till I am old.
My youth will not be bought and sold.
Thumbs down to Generation X.
And I hope you realize that if you're smoking
You're a victim of the tobacco industry.
'Cause enslaving we consumers while we're young
Is one of their foremost priorities.
They say, "be young, have fun,
And buy our product while you're at it
Or you'll be rejected by your peers."
I say be young and go your own way
Or you'll fall into the lie and
You'll very quickly disappear