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Mutually Parasitic

This song is by Slow Gherkin and appears on the album Double Happiness (1997).

I know that you've heard it all before. (Or have you?)
Statistics go in one ear, out the other.
And you may say that this is all a bore
And tuck your head back underneath the covers.
It's a slaughter of the innocents. It's wasteful, hateful, inefficient.
The carcass that you call a feast is a parasite for man and beast.
You say that chickens don't deserve to live
'Cause after all they eat each other's feces.
But could it be that we don't understand
'Cause humans are a different fucking species?
I've listened to your obstinate defense.
It seems to me your mind's a little lazy.
You stubbornly hold on to your excuse
That eating meat is worth it 'cause it's tasty.
Now please don't think that I expect that everybody must be perfect.
I'm just hoping that these words I say will teach someone something someday

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