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Drunken Sailor

This song is by Slow Gherkin and appears on the album Double Happiness (1997).

What do you do with a drunken sailor?
What do you do with a fucked up flailer
Swabbing the deck and mopping up the boat
With a forty shoved halfway down his throat?
You were drunker (drunker), bolder (bolder),
Slobbering (slobbering) on your shoulder.
Running all around, thinking that you're vogue.
Zack kicks back drinking a Rogue.
Everybody's laid back except for one.
Chris starts yelling, "What the hell have I done?"
So Chris kicked you out, said, "You're too damn smashed."
You drove that little Bug home--my God, you nearly crashed!
We should have helped you out, but instead we just laughed.
Now I'll take that crutch away from you
And break it right in half

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