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This song is by Slow Club.

Let's go back to every parting
The hours have changed since the clocks stopped and started
And now we remain close as never we are ____ to the words that said 'leave me alone'

And the weather was wet and it soaked my skin through
And I never made it to that café to meet you
Now the city's been kind as if it never knew what occurred in my brain that night

I won't ever get you, I knew
I would never get you, I knew

'Cause when I'm with you, my heart's in two 2x

I said, thank you for this weekend, you said it was a pleasure
My hometown got flooded, they found a damage difficult to measure
Charles said it was knee-high, I said it was forever
___ Now that, do we?

I keep changing the locks without changing the keys
Just a love that's been lost ___ upon would agree

Now it's time to move on and it's time to succeed
But your love lines 've been cut short somehow

'Cause when I'm with you, my heart's in two

__ As before, nothing beats nothing more
Only wide open eyes can see
And__different times, you were low, I was high
Now I wait for you to be you

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