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Don't Call Me Kid

This song is by Slow Club and appears on the album Complete Surrender (2014).

Well I know there's pressure on your branches
You carry your own weight in snow
If he gave you the bracelet I'd imagine
Why don't you wear it and go home? Instead of taking off your clothes
And dancing to the number one when you were born
You don't have to do a thing but talk
But my song winds on over, And your eyes are stranger than they were before
You figured it out, now you care what you are!
Well I thought I recognized your face, kid
But couldn't picture where from
What school did your brothers go to? Which day of the week did it all go wrong
I said, look into my eyes and tell me you don't need no rescuing
She said, "I've got everything I'll ever need!"
Except the feeling I can change it all
And the touch of a man who'll watch me growing old,
And I believe, oh, oh, oh


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