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The Way By Swann's House

This song is by Slow Century.

My lover woke up in a sheet of lies and that feeling of sick not hard to recognize
Lying in lawns by the pond with the smell of grass in our yawns
We let the stalks grow up past our knees, laid down in our nests and tried not to speak
Next week the papers rumored about our disappearing, what was it they were hearing?

And when winter came the children threw snowballs
The girls all made cat eyes while the boys all made cat calls
Sometimes at night we remember our old names
But morning still comes and the memories all fade

And it's enough to made you crazy
When things can only keep going on
With no rhyme or reason and maybe
There's no need to still be holding on
But a life is always, always alive
It's always our way

Now lover lays flat as I slept on love's chest
And together in dreams I saw the love we had left
As it dispersed through our veins I felt the sum of our dying
And their blood came to life in my heart as we're lying

The night that we met your brains fell through your teeth
Cascading the charm down your chin to your feet
Honey we love you to death and this sense of defeat
And even now I still want my lips on your cheek

So when summer came we backpedaled our route
Trampled our lives as the seasons followed suit
And there in the distance an old mill has burned down
And I swear my footprints have been buried in this ground
This life is always, always alive
It's always our way

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