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My Ghost

This song is by Slow Century.

Soft hands touching my face
Wash off all those bad days
Cloud shapes and ships lost at sea
Comprise the things that build me

And Dad, he gives lectures about ethics and good business
While Mom fixes dinner and a warm drink for her babies
Well I went off to college and I found me a dream
I saw myself in writing but I never could read
I settled down in numbers sold my body for free
And now I feel like a ghost because I can't see myself in anything

Now bills come, old friends are gone
We rehearse our swan song
Summer puts grass on the lawn
Mow it 'fore it gets long

And oh I'm not so sure about Cambridge and dependence
And now what I pray for is a big break or a finish
Sometimes it gets so tight in here I can't even breathe
So I drink a hundred beers and now I can't even see
I could retire to my music and just hope I can be
Someday not to far considered free

(As a blackbird singing in the dead of night)
Take my broken wings and learn to fly
All my life
I was only waiting for my moment to arrive

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