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This song is by Slough Feg and appears on the album Hardworlder (2007).

Throwing corpses on the fire
Burning crosses in your mind
Whirling vortex of your desire
Failed experiments compiling

Burning landscapes, sacking towers
Endless bounty stained by blood
Blustering prattle you called power
Leading cattle to the slaughter

Warm and sheltered in my tower
Far from harm's way, I'll make good
While you're bleeding in your trenches
I dare believe that I'm misunderstood

My eyes are shut my limbs are bound
Till the next of the bastards in crowned
But the fire still burns in my mind
Shouldn't come as a shock to me

When the battle is finally lost
And you wait in the wings without sound
While you're flogging an alien corpse
As I witness this mockery

Turning my blood
Turning my blood to stone

As you wait for the curtain to fall
And you hide in the shadows and screams
As the chorus comes issuing forth
"All is your vanity"

In martyrdom's shackles you reign
While you're draining the blood from the ground
Removing the sight from our eyes
Endless insanity

Turning my blood
Turning my blood to stone

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