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This song is by Slough Feg and appears on the album Hardworlder (2007).

My eyes are seeing faces in the darkness
While my mind is seeing darkness in the light
The silent specters that only come out in the night

While I'm drowning in the blood of your survival
Keeping busy making nightmares of your dreams
My violent laughter is only drowned out by your screams

And where there's peace of mind
You know there's always lies
Another victim of your self-protection dies

When you ask if I'm afraid of seeing zombies
It's the walking animations that I fear
The silent specters just waiting for sleep to appear

And when people ask me why I'm always grinning
It's because I'm seeing faces in the walls
The silent shield of insomnia finally falls

And when there's peace of mind
You know there's always lies
Now that this mutant race has left you all behind
Another victim of your self-protecting lies

And when the battle's over
Shackled in time and colder
And stamp your witness on the ground

Your earthly time elapsing
Wittiness the star collapsing
When lost in time is lost and found

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