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High Season IV

This song is by Slough Feg and appears on the album The Lord Weird Slough Feg (1996).

The shroud of darkness is near
And lord of this new frontier
With wrath from below
Has plagued your trances with fear

The winds of omen still cry
In human screams to the sky
With wrath from above
The lord you tried to defy

"You betrayed me
Now you beg for sanctuary here!
Endless torture
Warned you not to trust him
Now you're damned!"

Victory! It is so close to me!
I've taken earth today
And now tomorrow Heaven
Carelessly, you sold your souls to me
And thought that you'd be free
Don't you remember who I am?

Blasphemy! He's getting close to me!
He's taken Earth today
He'll soon destroy this kingdom
Brought disgrace, upon the human race
His ever lasting lies
Are an abomination

The shroud of darkness is here
I'm lord of this new frontier
Below and above
At last the Heavens are clear
Create a new breed of man
In my own image he'll stand
And laugh from above
Obey my every command

Leave this kingdom
Damn you to the cell you built for me

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