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Habeas Corpsus

This song is by Slough Feg and appears on the album Digital Resistance (2014).

I did my first job in Chicago
And took a razor to his eyes
And when he tried to struggle
It's difficult to juggle lies

It was a wedding in St. Louis
Where she was strangled with a tie
They tried their best to help her
But all just stood there hypnotized
An endless conversation, a faithless revelation dies

It's always gentle on my mind to say I'm not the killing kind
The phony accusations fly
The endless conversations that end in dissipation, why?
The photographs were no surprise

I'm not an agent for your pity
You're not the slave of my desires
I'm always drinking just to remember what I fought to hide
A faithless revelation, an endless conversation dies
The phony accusations, the painful salutations fly
A faithless revelation, why?

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