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Dearg Doom

This song is by Slough Feg and appears on the album Hardworlder (2007).

This song is a cover of "Dearg Doom" by Horslips.
Our man Cu Chulainn!
Dearg Doom means the Red Destroyer. The tune is O'Neill's Cavalry.

My love is colder than black marble by the sea.
My heart is older than the cold oak tree.
I am the flash of silver in the sun.
When you see me coming you had better
Run ... run ... run.
From Dearg Doom.

You speak in whispers of the devils I have slain
By the fire of my silver Devil's Blade,
And still you dare to flaunt yourself at me.
I don't want you, I don't need you,
I don't love you, can't you see

I'm Dearg Doom.

And when the stars go out
You can hear me shout
"Two heads are better than none,
One hundred heads are so much better than one".

I'm a boy who was born blind to pain
And, like a hawk, I'll swoop and swoop again.
I am the flash of Hawkeye in the sun.
When you see me coming you had
Better run ... run ... run ...
From Dearg Doom.

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