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Ape Uprising

This song is by Slough Feg and appears on the album Ape Uprising! (2009).

You called us animals
We found the right and used it
Kingdom of cannibals

It's fight or flight
Our strife continues on

We shared your ancestors
You kept us caged like monsters
Simian manifold

It's fight or flight
Our strife continues on
You found the might in
Your opposing thumbs

But our battle's begun
Just a step on the rung
Thought you buried my brain
All your efforts in vain

But our battle's begun
Now you're biting your tongue
All the world is your stage
Until you rattled my cage

Now that your missing link was
Found in the shackled chain
Death to the noble savage
Life to the spoils of Kane

Prodigal Caesar rising
Rolling in leaves of rage
Swinging on vines you'll find him
Locked in his human cage

Dragging this out through centuries
Paleolithic maze
Caught in an endless circle
Chased in a fossilled craze

Corpus of ill-intention
Oedipus bound in chains
Bored of his new inventions
Bankrupt for all his pains

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