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Run Mary Run

This song is by Sloppy Meateaters and appears on the album Conditioned By The Laugh Track (2005).

Lucky. Everybody wants to kill me
Everybody wants to tie me up
And strip away my skin
Ronnie. Why'd you leave your family
Why the drop off, with no call or warning

No please don't.
I'm not ready to die
Just one more try

Excuse me. Can you please brief my history
I'm 26 and I'm ready to know
What Uncle Alan knows
Three days till my first Christmas
What's my present?
My papa pulled a Jimmy Hoffa.

Are ya down for giving up?
A pauper's grave for your bad luck today

Run Mary run
Get yourself down to Atlanta
Seeking more than you're after
Seeking joy. seeking laughter
For you and your little boy

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