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Alone And Wicked

This song is by Sloppy Meateaters and appears on the album Conditioned By The Laugh Track (2005).

It kills to believe this girl
Wants me, to relieve that burning butterfly
Deep inside

Betty page bangs. oh my god
Hieroglyphics in your eyes
We got a long haul comin'
We got a long haul comin'.

I have betrayed
My soul is ashamed
With pride and honor
Be (your) Dan Conner

Alone and wicked (without you)

I will it.
Self. you will never find yourself
While your locked inside yourself.
You will never find yourself
You will never you will never you will never

Let the walls inside us fall
Let the past fade and withdraw

Self. We will never find ourselves
While we're locked inside ourselves
We will never, we will never, we will never

I will it. I will it. I will it

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